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    A wide range of mosquito nets and shutters to protect your home and your family.

    zanzariera trixx

    Trixx Fly Screen

    Trixx is a fly screen very easy to pass through thanks to having no lower guide. No dangers, no useless obstacles, only the freedom you were looking for.

    Perfetta Fly Screen

    This vertical insect screen comes from Batflex’s mastery, a Perfect solution for every standard situation, with a width of only 42 mm.
    Zanzariera Perfetta.

    Zanzariera Perfetta
    Zanzariera Arabesque M18

    Arabesque L18 Fly Screen

    Arabesque is the most famous ballet move where the dancer fully extends their body that perfectly recalls our Plissè line’s folds and flexibility.

    TPTP heavy PVC roller shutter

    Heavy-profile PVC roller shutter that weighs 5,00 kg/m2. Profile.
    Avvolgibile in PVC profilo pesante TPTP.

    Avvolgibile in PVC profilo pesante TPTP

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