Volteggio 90 (Hand-crank zip 90)

"Volteggio" is the Italian for "Vault", executed with craftmanship and expertise for a 90-mm cassette easy to open.

Volteggio 90 (Hand-crank zip 90)

Volteggio 90 is a 90-mm large hand-crank insect screen. The inner tube is Ø42mm and is made of extruded aluminium with an ogive to help keep the mesh clean. The MC90/MCI90 extruded alumininium cassette is made of up of a fixed part and a movable one. It is equipped with painted-aluminium lateral head caps (with a supplement).

MGU40 lateral guides with aluminium closing profile and PVC wings for a perfect sliding. Based on different needs, it can be installed frontally or to the ceiling. Zip system’s guides guarantee a total blackout where needed, with the possibility to recess them in the dedicated closing profile.

Volteggio 90 (Hand-crank zip 90)

Technical information


Fly Screen

Screen's thickness

105 mm

Colori - Teli oscuranti e filtranti - Reti


9010 White9010 White
8017 Brown8017 Brown
1013 Avory1013 Avory


Tuffscreen, blackTuffscreen, black
Fibreglass mesh, blackFibreglass mesh, black
Fibreglass mesh, greyFibreglass mesh, grey
W/B striped fibreglass meshW/B striped fibreglass mesh

Teli oscuranti

500 White500 White
510 Ivory510 Ivory
526 Grey526 Grey
533 Brown/White (front/back)533 Brown/White (front/back)

Teli filtranti

351 White351 White
354 White grey354 White grey
355 Havana white355 Havana white