Collage (F11)

L'estro di un artista nel trasformare elementi diversi in un'opera d'arte è la base per una zanzariera fissa che cambia forma per adattarsi allo spazio.

Collage (F11)

Collagefixed insect screen, is an easy-to-install product thanks for its wall pins or magnet that lets it be installed on iron grills. It is possibile t make it in different models: porthole, arched, off-square, with central beam, with off-centered beam or without central beam. It is available in different types of nets: grey fibre mesh, black fibre mesh, striped net or anthracite or silver aluminium.

Collage (F11)

Technical information


Fly Screen


Frame Profile

Frame Profile

Colori - Teli oscuranti e filtranti - Reti


NH31 EffectaNH31 Effecta
510 Ezy Cherry510 Ezy Cherry
Copper hammeredCopper hammered
DR703 Micaceous iron s.DR703 Micaceous iron s.
Raffaello GreenRaffaello Green
Raffaello GreyRaffaello Grey
Raffaello BrownRaffaello Brown
Light RenolitLight Renolit
Anodized BronzeAnodized Bronze
9005 Matt Black9005 Matt Black
6005 Green6005 Green
8017 Brown8017 Brown
1013 Avory1013 Avory
9010 White9010 White


W/B striped fibreglass meshW/B striped fibreglass mesh
Silver aluminium
Stainless steel
Tuffscreen, blackTuffscreen, black
Fibreglass mesh, greyFibreglass mesh, grey
Fibreglass mesh, blackFibreglass mesh, black
Aluminium elettro blackAluminium elettro black

Teli filtranti

351 White351 White
354 White grey354 White grey
355 Havana white355 Havana white

Teli oscuranti

500 White500 White
506 Mustard506 Mustard
510 Ivory510 Ivory
526 Grey526 Grey
530 Black530 Black
533 Brown/White (front/back)533 Brown/White (front/back)