Assist (Motor 42)

Just like an Assist, a quick pass towards the goal. An insect screen that was born from an evolution from a manual product to a motorized one scoring a unique goal.

Assist (Motor 42)

Assist is the new vertical 42-mm vertical Batflex insect screen that hides a battery-powered motor that can be recharged via solar panel. Assist’s technology and innovation are available in any situation, because it does not need costant electric power. It is equipped with aremote control, for more comfort. It is also available with compensating caps.

The motor is guaranteed to work for 200 cycles each charge.

Assist (Motor 42)

Technical information


Fly Screen

Screen's thickness


Min width


Recommended max dimensions

160x170 cm con rete in fibra
160x163 cm con telo filtrante
160x183 cm con telo oscurante

Data sheet

Recommended measures in cm
L: min 40 - max 150
H: min 40 - max 260

Recommended measures in cm
L: min 40 - max 150
H: min 40 - max 260

Colori - Teli oscuranti e filtranti - Reti


335/8R Douglas335/8R Douglas
317/70R Cherry317/70R Cherry
317/70R Cherry317/70R Cherry
102/70R Walnut102/70R Walnut
WH30 Effecta whiteWH30 Effecta white
510 Ezy Cherry510 Ezy Cherry
532 Cherry532 Cherry
Dark painted BronzeDark painted Bronze
DR703 Micaceous iron s.DR703 Micaceous iron s.
Raffaello GreyRaffaello Grey
Raffaello BrownRaffaello Brown
Raffaello GreenRaffaello Green
3003 Red3003 Red
Copper hammeredCopper hammered
Anodized BronzeAnodized Bronze
9005 Matt Black9005 Matt Black
6005 Green6005 Green
8017 Brown8017 Brown
9010 White9010 White
1013 Avory1013 Avory
8017 Matt Brown8017 Matt Brown
1013 Matt Ivory1013 Matt Ivory
9010 Matt White9010 Matt White
Dark RenolitDark Renolit
Light RenolitLight Renolit


Fibreglass mesh, greyFibreglass mesh, grey
Fibreglass mesh, white
Fibreglass mesh, blackFibreglass mesh, black
W/B striped fibreglass meshW/B striped fibreglass mesh
Tuffscreen, blackTuffscreen, black
Antipollen, blackAntipollen, black

Teli oscuranti

500 White500 White
510 Ivory510 Ivory
526 Grey526 Grey
533 Brown/White (front/back)533 Brown/White (front/back)
506 Mustard506 Mustard
530 Black530 Black

Teli filtranti

351 White351 White
354 White grey354 White grey
355 Havana white355 Havana white